Review of new album “LOST” by Allyson Kingsley – Boston Rock Radio

“Usually when I get a review that is listed as Swedish metal I immediately think of that Gothenburg sound coming my way. Behold the surprise when I received the review promo for Roof Down, a grunge styled band from Sweden. Some of you may criticize grunge and hell, some may say that grunge tainted metal, but having grown up in the height of the late 80s and early 90s, I developed an affection for the genre. Roof Down perfectly encapsulate the classic grunge sound throughout each track of this album. You can hear it especially on “Lying” and “Lost.”

I dig “On and On” with its ballad-like effect and the smooth as buttermilk vocals of Johan. “Sober” has a touch of acoustic groove in its riffs as well as a soulful potent meaning. One song that breaks the flow into a hard rock edge is “Not For Sale” which has a slightly aggressive touch to it.

It was hard not to get lost in beautiful memories of a time when I had hardly any worries and life was about fun, rocking out, and perhaps raising a little cain. (I still do!) Roof Down has pinned the grunge sound to a tee. Check them out if you enjoy Soundgarden or Pearl Jam”.