Album “INTOXICATED” (RD Music, 2022)

“Roof Down have delivered another belter of an album” 8/10p
Andy Houghton, Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine UK

“One of the year’s best grunge albums!” 7/10p
P. “The Poseur” Pousár – The Maloik Rock Blog

“Fantastic band! Absolutely killer album!”
Sunday Blast with AJ Bradford – Rock Radio UK

“Heavy riffs flying around your ears, interspersed with light psychedelic influences”
Peter Marinus – Bluestown Music NL

Album “DEVIL’S MACHINE” (GMR Records, 2021)

“Smokin’ and groovy retro grunge” 6/10p
Sweden Rock Magazine #2 2021 (Anders Bartonek)

“The 90s is back!”
Rock’n’Roll Magazine. #2 2021

The Maloik Rock Blog (Pauline “The Poseur” Pousár)

“Very good album.” 8.5/10p
Album Reviewz (Chris “The Knife” Gramvousakis)

“Sounds epic!”
Elysian Masters LA (Dave Cooley)

“Album Of The Week”
Hit-Tracks Top 100 (PICA, Ron Pennings)

“Highly recommended”
The Murder – Italian Metal Webzine (Lenny Verga)

“Roof Down would make a good arena band”.
3/5p – The Independent Voice Ezine (Demitri Levantis)

“Very remarable post grunge/alternative rock”

“Roof Down perfectly encapsulate the classic grunge sound and pin it down to a tee”.
Boston Rock Radio (Allyson Kingsley)

Album “LOST” (Sliptrick Records, 2019)

“Usually when I get a review that is listed as Swedish metal I immediately think of that Gothenburg sound coming my way. Behold the surprise when I received the review promo for Roof Down, a grunge styled band from Sweden. Some of you may criticize grunge and hell, some may say that grunge tainted metal, but having grown up in the height of the late 80s and early 90s, I developed an affection for the genre. Roof Down perfectly encapsulate the classic grunge sound throughout each track of this album. You can hear it especially on “Lying” and “Lost.”

I dig “On and On” with its ballad-like effect and the smooth as buttermilk vocals of Johan. “Sober” has a touch of acoustic groove in its riffs as well as a soulful potent meaning. One song that breaks the flow into a hard rock edge is “Not For Sale” which has a slightly aggressive touch to it.

It was hard not to get lost in beautiful memories of a time when I had hardly any worries and life was about fun, rocking out, and perhaps raising a little cain. (I still do!) Roof Down has pinned the grunge sound to a tee. Check them out if you enjoy Soundgarden or Pearl Jam”.

(Album review by Allyson Kingsley, Boston Rock Radio, 2019)


“I live in a country where the dream of driving ROOF DOWN is just that, a dream. Thankfully music can take you on journeys otherwise impossible.”

(Battle Helm interview due to the upcoming album “LOST” by Anders Ekdahl, 2018)

EP “GRUNGE PRO BONO” (RD Music/Intravex, 2017)

“Great band”

– Robban Pettersson, tAkiDa/Stiftelsen


“With the musical roots in Seattle, Roof Down makes grunge for grownups. It’s quite obvious that their new EP “Grunge Pro Bono” shows both courtesy and respect for the genre, but at the same time you can not miss the boys’ own creativity and musical energy in the four songs.

Because at the same time, it smells of both the suburbs and the life in small towns. The drive and desire to express oneself comes from the common history of our generation and the journey we have made to get to where we are today. This is neither ours, nor theirs, first rodeo and the experience is noticeable and adds a depth that appeals.

“From the Water” clearly has radio hit ambitions, and rightly so! Heavy and melodic at the same time, but also restless in that way that makes it constantly on the go and you want to keep up.

“Flames and Chains” is as much grunge as mature metal. Good pressure all the way.

“Motown (Take Me Home)” is my favorite, I really like how everyone takes the turns and shows their musical competence.

“Disgraceful” is another song that could be really radio-active. Here, Roof Down explores the melodic and slightly calmer side of the grunge. Ballad? No, just more skinny and fragile grunge.”

– Henrik Fitinghof, journalist/editor-in-cheif at Svenska Media

Singles from debut album “COMMERCIAL” (RD Music/Intravex, 2013)

“Great song, congratulations! Great energy, fresh song, like the production as well!”

– Al Walser, grammy nominated 2013


A formidable hard-rocking anthem, with nice novel touches in the arrangement… Intro grabs the listener and the arrangement offers savvy surprises, particularly with the change-up before the chorus and in the mystical breakdown at the bridge. Stop & start before final chorus is excellent—one of my fave musical mechanisms. Very creative… well done!  This comes off as a song with sing-along hooks—wholly reminiscent of Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam… the melody and instrumental are a bulls-eye.”

– Chuck Taylor, Billboard Magazine critic/contributor