Album review of “Lost” by Walter Vanheuckelom – Concert Monkey


“The album opens with the tight and solid mid-tempo grunge rocker ‘Lying’, which is sung convincingly by Johan Sjöberg. After the sung part, bass player Thobbe Hermansen paves the way for a searing solo by guitarist Mats Stille. The chorus during their concerts will certainly lead to a great singing moment with the fans. Drummer Staffan Westelius starts ‘Corrosion’ with a few striking hits. Here too the excellent rhythm section provides a great groove. The strong and catchy chorus gives the song an extra touch. The same can be said about ‘On And On’. Mats Stille starts ‘Sober’ on the acoustic guitar. When Johan starts singing, the song explodes a little later into a powerful power ballad and the rhythm section plays a major part in that. This wonderful mood change occurs again in the course of the song. ‘Sober’ together with the powerful rocker ‘Not For Sale’ is the best song on the album. The accelerator pedal is further depressed for the rocker ‘Not For Sale’, a song that will certainly provide the necessary ambiance during the Roof Down concerts. ‘Not For sale’ is the shortest song on the album and should have lasted a bit longer.
With ‘I’ll Be Gone’ the band keeps on going. Drummer Staffan Westelius continues to determine the rhythm with coercive and tight percussion and the throbbing bass line of Thobbe Hermansen ensures the beating heart of the song. Johan’s powerful characteristic voice is made to sing this kind of music. ‘Give Me A Line’ is a straightforward rocker with a strong chorus. There is a somewhat mysterious atmosphere around the slower title track ‘Lost’. Here guitarist Mats Stille may be delivering his best strings solo from the album. Another, less than three minutes long song is the powerful rocker ‘You And I’, in which the excellent deep bass line of Thobbe and the energetic percussion of Staffan again provide a driving and pumping groove. Roof Down closes their third album with the ballad ‘Thank You (For Life)’, a power ballad that is sung with a lot of feeling by Johan.

‘Lost’ from the Swedish formation Roof Down is a solid and powerful album that will especially appeal to fans of grunge and more solid rock, but certainly with a little more variety. At the end of September the band will come to the Netherlands for three performances, but the correct dates and locations are not yet known. For more information about those performances, it is best to regularly check their website”.